Como dizer "Aplicação da prova do ENEM" em inglês

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A aplicação da prova do ENEM foi tranquila, apesar dos candidatos eliminados.
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Millions of students sat the ENEM national test on the weekend, despite the fact that many latecomers couldn´t make it to the test/exam venues all over Brazil.

(equivalent to SAT entrance exam in the UK) sat the ... zil-14330/
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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Millions of students across Brazil have spent the weekend taking the Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (National High School Exam), better known as the ENEM, which is the Brazilian equivalent of SATs in the U.S. or A-Levels in the UK. The non-compulsory end-of-high school exam has seen major improvements, but has also come under fire again due to attendance levels, disruptions and leaked questions.
This year some 5.8 million people in Brazil had registered for the exam, but preliminary figures show around 28 percent failed to attend nationally, 25 percent in Rio. Although this absentee rate has occurred before, some have voiced concerns given the exam’s new significance for students.