Como dizer "Barbeiro" (motorista) em inglês

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Como dizer Barbeiro em inglês?

Por favor, não vale "bad driver", quero algo mais popular.
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Uma opção mais enfática e mais popular / informal é "lousy driver".
  • Most people seem to think their spouse is a lousy driver.
  • A maioria das pessoas parece achar que (o marido ou a esposa) é barbeiro (motorista).
Lousy: not good or skillful. (merriam-webster)

Most people consider themselves good drivers. But their spouse? That’s another story.
  • A new Harris poll, conducted for, a driver safety group, finds that 85 percent of people consider themselves to be good drivers, and 61 percent believe they’re very good drivers. But only 33 percent consider their spouses to be very good drivers. A hundred percent for me and maybe 75 for (my wife). But some women get a 50 and some lower, ” he said. “Some of ’em coming out on I-95, on the phone, and they’re not even looking and I beep the horn and they give me the finger.” ( - USA)
Bons estudos.

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Hello zumsteim

"A Sunday driver drives very slowly and makes unexpected manoeuvres."
source: ... river.html

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One more for bad driver:

Barbeiro – The loose nut behind the wheel.
The loose nut between the steering wheel and the driver's seat.
When the wife has a problem with the car, it is usually the loose nut between the steering wheel and the driver's seat.
O problema com o carro geralmente está entre o volante e o banco do motorista.

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He is a terrible driver (ele é um barbeiro).
He drives recklessly.
He seems like a junk car lover to me.
He/she drives like crazy.
You´re driving pretty crazy (man) (você é um barbeiro - se for para Justin Bieber, pelo menos algum tempo atrás...)

There are other ways that can be seen as an insult, like: he drives like an idiot/mad ass/maniac/stupid etc. But by saying those, you can have more than you bargained for!

In a more formal way, there´s the innatentive driver (there´s even a fine for being innatentive, should it come with consequences.)

"innatentive driving" in a sentence:
I look in the mail today and find an inattentive driving ticket! What gives? ... If the officer wasn't there how does he know you were inattentive?