Como dizer "Pronta entrega" em inglês

Não temos CPU para pronta entrega.

Pronta entrega = Entrega imediata
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Immediate delivery

The products we sell are in stock for immediate delivery.
sandrom 3 11
I´ve seen on many sites the expression "prompty delivery":

- We guarantee providing prompty delivery, good quality, etc.

- For better service and prompty delivery.

In the Law dictionary (Maria Chaves de Melo), this expression is also translated as "pronta-entrega".

Sometimes it appears without "y": "Pre-orders allow consumers to guarantee prompt delivery on release" (wikipedia).

I don´t know if there is some difference between prompty and prompt, but I think they mean the same.
Prompt delivery is correct. If you saw 'prompty' it was probably 'promptly' misspelled. 'Prompty' is not a word.
Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

Available for delivery.

My suggestion.
We do not have products READY TO GO.