Como dizer "Reforçar a ideia" em inglês

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Português: Reforçar a ideia
Inglês: Bolster the idea

  • 1. New research bolsters the idea that the risk for psychiatric and developmental disorders isn’t specific to particular conditions — and that could mean new opportunities to treat mental illnesses that focus more on their common genetic roots.

    2. The findings bolster the idea that ADHD results from a delay in the maturation of the cortex.

    3. The study's results bolster the idea that heredity plays a role in why people start, stop or continue smoking.

    4. These bolster the idea that comets could have played a role in the emergence of life on Earth.

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Also :

To reinforce: to give support to an opinion, idea, or feeling, and make it stronger

The film reinforces the idea that women should be pretty and dumb.

Longman Dictionary
beef up the idea