Como dizer "Ter bala na agulha" em inglês

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Português: ter bala na agulha, ter recursos, meios, poder, influência, dinheiro, etc
Inglês: have the power

''O Flamengo tem bala na agulha. Não duvide do time seis vezes campeão brasileiro.''

  1. Villa's January purchase of Darren Bent for £24 million shows they have the power to spend if necessary.
  2. Together they have the power to make things happen.
  3. ''Rangers prove they've got the power. On Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden, the Rangers spotted the Pittsburgh Penguins a 2-0 lead just five minutes into the contest, but following a timeout called by head coach John Tortorella, they exploded for five unanswered goals en route to a very satisfying 5-3 victory. The win snapped a four-game losing streak by the Rangers, as well as a six-game winless skid in which they were 0-5-1. Pittsburgh, which played without star centers Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, has now lost four of its last five games.''
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to have juice

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Me parece que são sinônimos:
Ter bala na agulha
Ter café no bule
e, ter poder de fogo


To have Firepower

Firepower - A measure of the resources available to a group which allows them to achieve their objectives; capacity for action. - GNU Webster’s 1913