Dez expressões interessantes em inglês

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Hi there!

Just wanted to share some interesting expressions.

1. To stand someone up (dar um bolo em alguém)

Yesterday I had a meeting with a hot chick at 9 PM. I don't know why but she didn't show and stood me up.

2. To floss or to use floss= passar o fio dental/ usar o fio dental

Jerry how many times do I have to tell you to floss everytime you finish dinning?

Paula doesn't know how to use floss appropriately

3. To dump someone or to be dumped/ dar um pé na bunda/ tomar um pé na bunda

I'm sick and tired of Sunsara, think I'm going to dump her for once and for all.

Barabara dumped me because of our difficult relationship

4. To cross the line = passar dos limites

You don't cross the line bro, I'm warning you!

You have crossed the line, I'm sorry but I don't want to see your face anymore.

5. To push= to provoke someone

Keep pushing Dani!

keep pushing asshole!

6. On the dot & sharp = em ponto

Don't forget guys, you gotta be here at 9 pm sharp, in other words, on the dot.

7. To be pushy = aquele que se impõe sobre os outros/ controlador

Geez! you are too pushy!

8. couch potato= você é do tipo que ama assistir televisão?

Come on Bon, can you please stop watching tv for a while? You couch potato!

lol= laughing out loud (rindo alto)
rofl = roll on floor laughing (rolando no chão de tanto rir)
lmao = laughing my ass out (rindo até o ** fazer bico)

That's it for today!

hope you enjoyed!

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