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B0RGEs 15
Choose the alternative in which the preposition is used correctly:

A) We’re booked on flight 607.
B) When did you arrive to new Zealand?
C) He wrote the book in a month’s time.
D) That’s mine. I saw it at first.
E) She is arriving in the 3:30 train.


Infelizmente não tenho o gabarito oficial dessa questão. Acredito que a letra C esteja correta, mas também ñ encontrei nenhum erro na letra A). Quem puder me ajudar agradeço!!
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I thought of flagging the absence of the article the as a mistake: We’re booked on the flight 607.
But then, I found plenty of both ways: "I am booked on the flight 9999" and then also "I am booked on flight 9999".

I don´t know how the mind of the testmakers, so I don´t know if they would flag the article on that one. Another possibility, fatter chances here, is that
We´re denotes present time "we´re" is short for "we are" (that one would be a "catch" - casca de banana).
Because to Brazilian ears and eyes it would be similar to were (that is a past form), so the student would think of it (we´re) as past tense as well, and it´s not, it´s in the present.

We´re = we are

Uh Oh! If "we are" and "booked" is a past form, then there´s an impasse between the verb tenses (are - booked), perhaps that´s why "we´re" is not used often in formal writing.
https://www.macmillandictionary.com/the ... hort-forms

Of course, to me "we are booked on (the) flight 607" would be understood, it´s understandable. To me "booked" in "we are booked" could work as an adjective, meaning "the state of being booked".
But the testmaker(s) there might have thought different, and they can. On the ground of the reasoning I have explained above.

Anyway, it´s a hunch, a guesswork and I could be mistaken. So, let´s wait for more advanced learners, natives or English teachers have their say on that one.
PPAULO 59030 6 45 1055
That was the question #6 and the answer is C.
The answer to that exam (2012) is the following:

01. A
02. C
03. E
04. B
05. D
06. C
07. C
08. B
09. D
10. D
11. E
12. E
13. B
14. E
15. A
16. D
17. E
18. C
19. E
20. D

The exam is there as well.