Exercício: Prova de Inglês

Choose the alternative in which the preposition is used correctly:

A) We’re booked on flight 607.
B) When did you arrive to new Zealand?
C) He wrote the book in a month’s time.
D) That’s mine. I saw it at first.
E) She is arriving in the 3:30 train.


Infelizmente não tenho o gabarito oficial dessa questão. Acredito que a letra C esteja correta, mas também ñ encontrei nenhum erro na letra A). Quem puder me ajudar agradeço!!

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PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
I thought of flagging the absence of the article the as a mistake: We’re booked on the flight 607.
But then, I found plenty of both ways: "I am booked on the flight 9999" and then also "I am booked on flight 9999".

I don't know how the mind of the testmakers, so I don't know if they would flag the article on that one. Another possibility, fatter chances here, is that
We're denotes present time "we're" is short for "we are" (that one would be a "catch" - casca de banana).
Because to Brazilian ears and eyes it would be similar to were (that is a past form), so the student would think of it (we're) as past tense as well, and it's not, it's in the present.

We're = we are

Uh Oh! If "we are" and "booked" is a past form, then there's an impasse between the verb tenses (are - booked), perhaps that's why "we're" is not used often in formal writing.
Ref. macmillandictionary

Of course, to me "we are booked on (the) flight 607" would be understood, it's understandable. To me "booked" in "we are booked" could work as an adjective, meaning "the state of being booked".
But the testmaker(s) there might have thought different, and they can. On the ground of the reasoning I have explained above.

Anyway, it's a hunch, a guesswork and I could be mistaken. So, let's wait for more advanced learners, natives or English teachers have their say on that one.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
That was the question #6 and the answer is C.
The answer to that exam (2012) is the following:

01. A
02. C
03. E
04. B
05. D
06. C
07. C
08. B
09. D
10. D
11. E
12. E
13. B
14. E
15. A
16. D
17. E
18. C
19. E
20. D

Ref. coberturamaxima.com
The exam is there as well.