KILL BILL Part 2 - Cockblockery aside

Bem pessoal estou literalmente estudando inglês usando o filme KILL BILL PART 2, e vou até o final. Quem poder me ajudar nesta frase eu agradeço

00:09:19,840 "However, all cockblockery aside. I am looking forward to meeting your young man"

Um forte abraço

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"cockblockery aside means like all nonsense aside"

"However, all cockblockery aside. I am looking forward to meeting your young man"

Literalmente falando seria "Entretando, deixando toda essa besteira(absurdo) de lado. Eu estou ansioso para conhecer seu namorado.

Take care!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
It also means, slangy way, that someone or something is in the way of a prospective pair/couple. So, said people or thing is interfering with the meeting/affair/date somehow.
The person or thing is acting as a block to the free flow of conversation/date etc.
One such example is given by the definition from Urban Dictionary: Cockblocker: 1. (noun) a female friend who accompanies another female friend to planned meetings with a male peer, to ensure that the sista does not get into trouble.

There are other examples as well, this is just one. And the previous sentence (in Portuguese) is an apt translation. With a plus, that the person is impatient/anxious to get straight to the meeting/date. Hence, no beating about the bush!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
In the Kill Bill movie, I learned, it is akin to the usual event when guy is most problably hitting on a girl, then comes this other guy and chimes in with some compromising/unbecoming story.

In a similar way this means that character doesn´t want to get distracted by this, he doesn´t it "block his intent", he wants to know the young guy. To get his own conclusions. It´s something like "thanks pushy guy, but I want to know the young guy and come to my our own conclusions."

I am glad that the cinephiles exist! :-)