Para toda pergunta é necessário um verbo?

Weslei Halif
Gostaria de saber se para fazer qualquer pergunta em inglês eu preciso de um verbo, não verbo auxiliar mas um verbo na frase tipo. Like, love, run, perguntas sempre necessitam disso ?
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99.99% of the time, yes.

But there are exceptions, mostly in spoken English. You could see something at the clouds and don´t identify it, then you ask someone close to you: A plane? a drone?
The waiter is coming, then you point to menu and ask your friend? water or wine?

Anyway, in your mind there´s an implicit question, in it there will be a verb.
Is it a plane or a drone?
What are you having? water or wine?

And, on second thoughts.
I answered that thinking of English (since this is an English Forum), in your question you didn´t let us know what language, though.
Anyway, I will hazard the guess that in other languages the same happens, perhaps even the Berber language (one of the click-click languages of Khoisan languages). Once verb means movement, action, state.