Quais Verbos que podem ser escritos no Simple Past?

Look at the verbs in bold. Find four examples where would be used. Replace would with the past simple. When I was young, we (1)'d get up six o'clock every morning to get ready for school. We (2)'d catch a bus at the corner at 7:15. Sometimes we (3)'d have to wait for ages when the weather (4) would be bad. I remember one winter in particular when it (5) would snow a lot. Some days the bus just (6) wouldn't arrive at all, and we could stay home. The trip to school (7) would always be long and slow. Sometimes we (*8*) wouldn't get to the school gates until 8:30 - just in time for the first class.

Alguém poderia me ajudar com esta questão? Quais são os verbos que podem ser escritos no simple past e por que os outros não podem?