Shopping mall x Shopping precinct: Qual a diferença

Eu gostaria de saber se há alguma diferença entre: shopping centre, shopping mall e shopping precinct, ou se todos são sinônimos de um mesmo local.
Thank you guys ;)

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In the USA I only recall seeing "precinct" used to mean the geographic area for which a police station is responsible. In Los Angeles, instead of precint the word "division" is preferred.

This is just my experience, but "malls" have businesse that are often/usually accessed from inside a building. A shopping center has businesses that are usually accessed from the parking lot. In Brazil most "shoppings" that I saw would have been called "malls" (or possibly "galleria"

A "strip mall" breaks these rules. A typical strip mall has one row of businesses that can be accessed from the parking lot.
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Shopping mall (a.k.a mall) and shopping precinct can be the same thing. But by using precinct we are talking about the building, the place where we have plenty of stores, parking lot (usually), etc. In a way we can think of it as "the limits" of a big shopping mall. Precinct seems like more of a British word.

Shopping centre/center can be thought as a commercial center, and also a place where people go to shop (uma galeria, ou o próprio shopping), so it is not necessarily synonym with mall, though sometimes people use the word as such.
I got It :)