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Hi there!

The other day I was trying to get some sleep while I kept the tv on.

I was watching (while dozing off , of course) Jo Soares talk show program when something suddenly caught my attention.

The TV host announced one of his interviewees who claimed to have invented a sort of table for people who wanted to learn English. I thought damn it, I'm sooo sleepy..well..can't miss this part..

I decided to post the video below so that we can discuss a bit about the interviewee's project which in my opinion ain't got no effectiveness.

please let's try keep a clean and healthy discussion with no slander or any kind of statements full of aggressiveness.
Take care,

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Marcio_Farias 12615 1 23 213
Oh my God, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

On the English vowel and consonant pronunciation table. It'll take me some time to figure it out. ;)
agnoudo 10
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Marcio_Farias 12615 1 23 213
Hip hip hurray to Mr. Ciccarini for his nice presentation on Jô Soares Show. After he did it, there in his wake came someone to criticize him.
dlr 85
I like how Jô keeps randomly saying "f*ck you motherfucker" even though it's very, very, vulgar! I don't understand why there were Canadians in the audience.. but I enjoyed the video.
I can’t pay attention about what Dangelo Ciccarini are talking. Jo Soares takes all my attention: if I invited someone to talk in my program, I’ll leave the person talk, don’t interrupt it every 10 seconds! In this interview he was really, really boring
Marcio_Farias 12615 1 23 213
Hip hip hurray to you who will patiently listen to educated people down to their last word.