Tradução de ''Career ladder''

Como podemos traduzir career ladder? É algo parecido com plano de carreira?
I knew he was slowly moving up the ladder to the chairman's position.
Those who have reached the top of their career ladder have a passion for their work.
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Sim, tem o significado de promoção dentro da carreira, ascensão (é a escada representando um plano de carreira).

career ladder noun [ C ]

A series of jobs from the lower paid with less responsibility to the highest paid with the most responsibility within a company or particular profession:
If someone has a good work ethic, they should move up the career ladder.
From Cambridge Dictionary

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This is a imagery, it could be used metaphorically or almost in a literal way:

The higher up we climb the management ladder, the fewer women we find there.
Quanto mais subimos os degraus da administração, menos mulheres vamos encontrando.
(Source: Linguee)
Here we clearly see the parallel (meaning the resemblance/comparation to...) with the real ladder.

Anyway, all translations lead to the imagery of hierarchy PLUS the moving up towards the top (or up, the higher you can). The idea of career development and/or promotion, etc.

So, you will see translations like these:

If they are to remain in work and climb the career ladder, employees need to renew their knowledge and skills regularly.
Se quiser permanecer no trabalho e progredir na carreira...

...responsibilities, also mean that women are less likely to climb the career ladder and make it into managerial positions, even though
Responsabilidades familiares, o que tem efeitos negativos na sua ascensão profissional e faz com que sejam poucas as que chegam a postos

Technical and soft skills, enabling everyone to climb the career ladder.
Habilidades técnicas e pessoais que permitem que todos desenvolvam sua carreira profissional

So, there are different ways to translate it, like "ascensão profissional/"subir" na hierarquia (no emprego)/progredir na carreira/ascender profissionalmente/"subir" no ranking profissional", etc.
All related with that basic idea.
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Oops! Where it reads "this is a imagery" should read "this an imagery", the rest of the post content still holds. And, Isatani, congrats on your educated guess skills!