Tradução de "career leader"

Hello Everybody.. How are you ? :)

I'd like to know the meaning of the expression "career leader".

Does anybody know the meaning?

I appreciate if someone could help me, because I can't find it anywhere.

Thanks :)
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In essence would be as opposite to the career soldier (the person that is there to do something, proceeding mechanically and repetitiously), I am not talking about the Armed Forces, but of the style of Managers these days.

The career leader, then, would be the one responsible for the transformation and change stewardship, that is, he is highly (pro)active. He has to get the "lead" in implementing some project. He has to influence rather than exert his authority by the simple fact of having the title of manager.
The career leader has to get things done, but he himself needs to adapt his styles and strategies to the particular situation, group, if it´s crisis time etc.
He has to be the architect of some project/idea and negotiator at the same time, this way he get things done.

See the "career executives" part. ... rdship.pdf
"The second major type of transformational steward is the career executive, who is
essential for the success and legitimacy of any change effort.

It takes "negotiation" of some kind. ... hip-style/
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