Tradução de "hash"

Hi folks

"Now, you had best get going - The cerimony cannot commence without the Emissary.
Oh, and, Mirabelle (name of person) ... don't make a HASH of this!"

What the HASH means here?
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Avatar do usuário Cinnamon 15805 15 42 359
Hi there!

estragar, bagunçar, atrapalhar... ;)
to make a hash of (informal)
to spoil, do a clumsy work, make a mess or botch
The new writer made a hash of his first assignment.
fonte: Word Reference

Avatar do usuário gabrielock 895 1 15
Cinnamon, I once saw this sentence: Let's not rehash this fight.
Does it mean to not start it again? Then if we bring it back we will end up spoiling/messing up our relationship?
Avatar do usuário Cinnamon 15805 15 42 359
Hi Gabrielock!

Rehash is used in:
1. To bring forth again in another form without significant alteration: a book that rehashes old ideas.
2. To discuss (the details of a past event) without additional facts.
Source: The Free Dictionary

Your translation is correct. ;)