What is/was your nickname?

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Question: What is/was your nickname?


- When I was around 12 I grew up much faster than my friends and for this reason they started to call me "giraffe" but after some time they also grow up and now I'm among the shortest ones in the group;
- When I was in high school everybody had a nickname in the class, but I'd better not mention them here;
- I don't have any nickname;
- Flá, Flavinha, Flavita, etc.

Now it is your turn!
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At college my nickname is Toscana, it is weird and non-sense. Rafa or Fael is common, mainly between my family. There is another nick that is Torresmo, due to my last name that sounds like that.
See you fellows!

My nickname is Guh, that's the way that many people call me.
My parents call me of "alemão", because when I was around 3 until my 12 years old,
I had a very white skin and blond hair.
Now, I'm just white, unfortunately my blond hairs don't exist anymore kkkk LOL

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
I used to have the following IRC nicknames:

20ver+1vez (Vim te ver mais uma vez) (I came to see you one more time)
Vou100v6 (Vou sem vocês) (I'll go without you)

I don't recollect having any normal nickname in my youthhood.

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I am a Junior, (William J. Slayman, Jr.), and my mother, Mary, had a cousin, uncle and brother in law who's name were William. In the USA the common nickname for William is Bill, therefore as a boy the nicknames for all the Bills were "Uncle Bill", "Cousin Bill", "Brother (in law) Bill", my father was "Mary's Bill and I was "Little Bill". Today I am still "Little Bill" to Aunt Annalaura, my only surviving aunt or uncle. The rest of the world calls me Bill, except Cristina, my wife, who calls me William because once I laughed at her pronunciation of Bill. My son is also William J., but he is called B.J., short for Bill J. which I guess is better than "Tiny Bill". ;)

What a confusing situtation. :? :lol:

In my childhood, my friends and relatives used to call me "Cabrito", due to my last name which is similar to that. Nowadays, everyone calls me "Kido", without any particular reason as far as I know. Maybe because of the childish attitudes I have sometimes.

(Oh, and this is my first post in the forum. Hello, world!)

Everyone in my family, brothers and sister, mother, uncle, nephews, some near friend and my wife call me muel, when i was a child i used call by the name samuca

My nickname is my name Pattye, but at school they call me of math girl or English girl!!!!

Called me Oracle because I didn't talk very much, I talked little, but when I talked, what I said was like a bomb exploding, wise words, my peers said I talked only the necessary.
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All my friends call me Alemão, why?

Because I'm so white I reflect light back into space and I have a blonde hair.