Break into vs. Invade

Qual a diferença entre break into e invade?

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It can be similar or even the same thing, in the sense of "gaining access or entry into" something/some area, etc. In such a way, it can be replaced by words like penetrate, gain access to, intrude. The focus can be on being forceful (invasion) or to damage, etc., and overt action.

Break into - can be dissimilar, with focus on "being on the stealthy way", synonym words can be: infiltrate, sneak (into), gain access to, trespass on, intrude on. So, it can be associated with stealing, for stance. (by forcibly gaining access, usually in a covert way).
In Portuguese "invadir" (para cometer algum tipo de ílicito, crime, para roubar, etc, sendo geralmente uma "ação encoberta").

I am thinking in 'physical' and concrete terms, not in abstract ones.
Somettimes "invadir", is likely to be described in both terms "to invade the system" or "to break into the system."

When one hacker broke into the system and stole $610 million, it became the biggest crypto theft ever.

He declined to discuss whether the thieves invaded the system before April 10.