Como dizer "Os dias eram assim" em inglês

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The days were like this.

Oh how I wish the rest of my days were like this.
Oh como eu gostaria que o resto dos meus dias fossem assim.
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Se "Os dias eram assim" estiver se referindo a "a vida era melhor", "estes foram os melhores dias (da minha vida)", sugiro "those were the days".

Those were the days: The days we have been referring to were the greatest of times; life was better in the past. (thefreedictionary)

Exemplos de uso:

Ah, yes. The eighties. Those were the days!
Those were the days. Back when people knew right from wrong.

P.S.: Sugiro "the rest of my days was...".

Bons estudos.

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Hello, Grammar Guardians!

Fossem ou fosse?
The rest of my days were, or, the rest of my days was?

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Well, far from being a grammar guardian here, even because I don´t know that much of grammar (a vast field of study), only bits and pieces.

The rest of my days were... (is the first choice by prescriptive grammar - say, by the books) since "wish" goes with "were".
That mainly in academical or formal settings.

But as a past thread on this topic pointed out, there´s the descriptive grammar; and then, both ways are acceptable. ... w/post.htm

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A back to the crux...

I found two ways to say "os dias eram assim":
Days were like this...
That is what the days were like...

My wording of choice (in this specific case) would be the second one: "that is what the days were like..."

Other example from the web (to mean that someone bring back past events to mind):
That is what the days were like, getting getting up in the dark, and riding the ridges until dark, then finding elk but not finding The Elk. Riding the trail back to the camp in the dark, footsore and saddle stiff. Letting Chief pick his way over loose rocks and tree roots by starlight.