Como dizer "Parabéns pela conquista" em inglês

Como digo em inglês:

Esse anel é para registrar esse dia dia.
This ring is to register this day.

Parabéns pela conquista.
Congrarulations on the achievement.

Estar aqui com você nesse dia especial é suficiente para você.
To be here with you on this special day is enough for you.


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And also:

Congrats on your achievement

Congrats on your achievement and my best wishes for your future. (for example, if the person in question has finished his undergraduate studies or got promoted/earned a promotion, etc). ... icture.png

Congrats on your accomplishment.

More specific to just graduated students:
Congrats on your graduation (name of the person here if you wish)...

In more light, namely, informal and/or funny ways:
(a graduate person will "catch the drift", I suppose - at least if he/she studies English.):

I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate your for your achievement... ... =300&h=300 ... m-card.jpg
Congrats on your Koalafication! (of course, in a card with the Koala, it would do the trick, without the drawing it would perhaps take the fun out of it.)