Como dizer "Pegar o bonde andando" em inglês

Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94

Como digo "pegar o bonde andando" em inglês?

ex: qdo a gente chega num lugar e quer entrar na conversa que já tá rolando...

tks in advance
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Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
Flavia, my copy of A Dictionary of Informal Brazilian Portuguese has this:

pegar o bonde andando (sl.)
to join (something) already in progress, come in on the middle of (a program, conversation, etc.)

"Murilo turned on the TV a bit late just to find he had come into the middle of the movie he planned to watch" meaning he had to jump onto the passing tram. Whatever.

Zumstein 11780 1 24 385
Alô Flávia!

O Felipão pegou o ‘bonde andando’?

Luiz Felipe Escolari one more soccer coach to start working on an ongoing competition.

(entrar no meio de uma situação ou conversação não totalmente inteirado dos precedentes).


Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466

>> didn't hear the whole conversation

''Smith and Andrews said they didn't hear the whole conversation but don't recall any yelling. "It was a heated moment," Andrews said.'' - Google USA

Thomas 14700 7 59 287
For conversations, "to butt in/into" is common.

I hate to butt in, but I heard you mention Porto Seguro, and I....
Frank is always butting into private conversations.
(The idea is that the person is hitting with his head as a goat or bull might do.)
"To interrupt" is more formal.

You can walk in halfway through the movie, in the middle of the movie...

You can crash a party.
Forgive me for crashing the party. I needed to talk to Susan and I neglected to call first.

Daniel.S 695 1 2 7
a dependender do contexto...podemos pensar em:

chime in

Definition: To interrupt the speech of others, especially with an unwanted opinion.

Ex: her husband always chimes in, even when he is not involved in the conversation


Thomas 14700 7 59 287
Pondedaniel, "to chime in" is an excellent phrase! Good post!

Matheus Teixeira 60 1
I'm not sure if the expression in Portuguese implies the same meaning that you've presented. In my view, when you "chime in" or "cut in" you wind up interrupting an ongoing conversation in contrast to not being fully cognisant of the matter in hand, but here goes my take on this:

"I only caught the tail end of the conversation."

Source: http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.c ... h/tail-end

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