Como dizer "Procurar um emprego, não um trabalho" em inglês

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Ex. Muitos procuram um emprego, não um trabalho.

Não se preocupam em qualificar-se, etc.
Em inglês?
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Many are looking for a position but, in reality, they do not want a real job. Some are not even taking any step to reach the next level in their careers.
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Something like "I need a job, but I don´t like to work (much)."
But if this is seems rather extreme you can express it in a softer way "I would like a job that allow you me to work less but still get paid well/I would like a work in which I don´t work to hard."

As for the matter of qualification, it seems like people that want to see the gains without the pain! And that, might scream the message to the employer and society at large "I don´t want a job, or a better job (or position)."
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I don`t wanna work hard for the money (lol)