Como dizer "que Deus tenha piedade" em inglês

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God have mercy

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One option:

"May God have mercy on you."
"May God have mercy upon you"
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Have mercy on...
God have mercy on something...
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You can also say "may god have mercy..", and I don't think it's different from Arandir's example.
Qual a expressão costumeiramente usada no inglês para a frase “Que Deus tenha piedade da sua alma” e “meus pêsames” ambas em um sentido irônico, expressando reprovação?
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God have mercy on your soul.

I am sorry for you.
The actual ideia would be ironic, but not unkind. Look:
Marie: It’s irrefutable, Palmeiras is world champion.
Me: My condolences/May God have mercy on your soul.

Did you get it?
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The answer for this question has already been presented here.

Anyway I'd like to present my point of view.

What's the point in learning such sentences in an ironic way? These sentences should be said only when someone is in mourning. Otherwise, people will consider you a cold-hearted and impolite person.

May God have mercy on your soul.
>> Que Deus tenha piedade de sua alma.

May God have mercy on you.
May God have mercy upon you.
>> Que Deus tenha piedade de você.

My condolences
>> Minhas condolências.
>> Meus pêsames.

It's easy to use sentences like that in an ironic way; everything will depend on the moment and the way you speak. But, remember this: it will very difficult to regain your friendship or even your bonds if you regret to provoke someone in this way.

If I realized someone speaking to me in such a manner, I'd would say:

Shame on you!
>> Que vergonha!
>> Que lamentável!

Shameful! (informal)
>> Vergonhoso!
>> Lamentável!

Pathetic! (informal)
>> Patético!
>> Lamentável!

Some old-fashioned expressions:
1. The blood of your ancestors is crying from the ground.
2. The blood of your ancestors may be crying out (to you) from the sand / the grave.

(1) STEWART III, Rudolph. What in the Hell is Wrong with You? - A Prophetic Guide for African American Youth and Parents. Mtume & Associates. Washington, DC. 2003.
(2) MORGAN, Charles. Moses. 2009. ISBN: 978-0-557-10171-9.

Oh no! How could I possibly forget to comprehend these sentences as a joke?
My condolences for you wasting your precious time!

Am I being very ironical enough? :)
I hope not! Rsrs I am just kidding!

Regarding on your example, I'd like to present some suggestions:

Marie: It’s irrefutable! Palmeiras is the world champion.

(1) My condolences for you watching that show.
(2) Oh, no! How terrible! I'm dying to make an announcement about this.
(3) And you tell me that now? Unforgivable! May God have mercy on your soul.

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Sometimes I miss Uncle Jesse's catchphrase "Have mercy".

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