Como dizer "repatriar" em inglês

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Gostaria de saber como dizemos "repatriar" dinheiro aplicado no exterior em inglês.

Por exemplo:

Governo concede anistia para aqueles que repatriarem aplicações no exterior neste exercício fiscal.

Brasil movimenta todos os meios para repatriar dinheiro enviado ilegalmente para o exterior.

thanks in advance


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Bring something / somebody back from abroad

Do The New York Times

''Correlations among markets these days have gone up, not down,” he said. “I don’t know that it’s any better now than it was. Somehow we need to change the psychology of the capital markets.” ''Risk aversion created an urge to bring money back from abroad [repatriar dinheiro] in 2008, and there could be a repeat performance in the next downturn that could limit stock market decoupling, said Jerome Booth, research director of the Ashmore Group, a fund manager specializing in emerging debt markets.''

Do The Guardian

''It's hard work, I've been doing it 11 years and I'm always trying to push the game," Powell said. "As a result, hopefully the summer league will be pushed forward and it will bring players back from abroad [repatriar jogadores]. I'm hoping the momentum will continue. This has got to be the start.''
Also :
to repatriate sth (business) : to send money or profits back to your own country.

An agreement between the countries enables companies to repatriate their profits freely.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

The Guardian

Greece urges citizens to repatriate money held in foreign banks.
After securing a second rescue package to prop up its debt-stricken economy, Greece has implored its citizens to honour the agreement by repatriating cash whisked abroad during the crisis. ... eign-banks