Como dizer "se referir à" em inglês

Jerry Dorien 4 46
she wasn`t referring to you (ela não estava se referindo à você)
He was talking about the... (ele estava se referindo à...)

all the best

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Thomas 7 60 290
Jerry, I heard two expressions years ago that were used by a Colombian. Do you have an equivalent in Portuguese?

I was talking to the director of the zoo, not to the animals.
Le hablaba al director del zoológico, no a los animales.

I was this way, not that way.
Hablaba así, no asá.

I was this (A) way, not that (B) way. (see below)
(At point "A", the speaker points his index finger at himself and at the person he was talking to. At point "B" he points to himself and then to the person who interrupted him.)
I was referring to the dead one
Eu estava me referindo à um morto.
Jerry Dorien 4 46
At work, someone always goes in my sector wanting some favor, so other person in the sector asks to him:

-have you already talked to the leader or in charge of the sector

he answers:

-I have just talked to the owner of the pigs

He says that he talked to someone more important that leader or in charge of the sector.

He says it in a natural way, a little rude but been too familiar, because nobody would say that to anyone.

this is one of the expression we say that it was as a joke.