Como dizer “Táxi-lotação” em inglês

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Táxis adaptados com uma fileira de bancos extra para transportar vários passageiros em um trajeto pré-determinado.

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Share taxi/ Share-a-ride taxi

A share taxi is a mode of transport which falls between both taxicabs and buses. These vehicles for hire are typically smaller than buses and usually take passengers on a fixed or semi-fixed route without timetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled. They may stop anywhere to pick up or drop off passengers. Often found in developing countries, the vehicles used as share taxis range from four-seat cars to minibuses. They are often owner-operated. Wikipedia

The fare from Tokyo Station is set at 4,000 yen, far cheaper than a daytime taxi ride that costs at least 16,300 yen. However, the share-a-ride taxi fare would be 1,060 yen more expensive than the JR Narita Express train service. The Free Library