Como dizer ''Ele está tentando se vingar de você'' em inglês

Primeiramente olá!

Gostaria de saber como dizer isso “Ele está tentando se vingar de você”

-Não vou te levar para casa hoje
-Nossa por quê?

Eu aleatoriamente digo:

-Ele está tentando se vingar de você.

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He's trying to get back at you.
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He is punishing you for something you have done or said (that upset him). [if you know the specifics - "he is punishing you for being friends with that coworker of yours."

OR indirectly:
It seems like he is holding a grudge against you because you talked with his arch-enemy. (but then, saying such with the guy around might get you into trouble, chances are...)

He is doing that out of retribution for/because you...
He is acting in retribution because you...
He is 'acting out' in resentment/jealousy because of that day you...
He is acting out because you do things your way, not meeting
He is acting out of a personal vendetta because you gave your friends pecks on their cheeks.

And other ways, since there are many likely situations.
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He's trying to get back at you.
Spot on, Leonardo! Thanks for sharing it with us, here goes my upvote (not public because I run out of my share of votes for the day). :-)

So, yet another way to express that "he is doing that as a way of getting back at you" (if you want to elaborate further "because you had that disagreement the other day."