Correção de texto: Zoom! Swosh!

Preciso de uma ajudinha nisso ai.. please!

“ZOOM! SWOSH! Boy, we were really sinking fast; the candy must’ve added the extra weight! I had the nose up and the engine full throttle as I eased the control yoke carefully back into my lap. Finally that wonderful sound came, PLOP! SPLASH! Whew, I did it again -- I defied gravity. I asked Paul to lighten up on the candy next time.

Thank you in advance!
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A swosh sound...

Candy must be an euphemism for drugs, specially the ones in "rock form" such as crack or cocaine, but now it´s also short for ecstasy as well (Urban Dictionary).

Don´t know if he refers to an airplane with a load of it, or if he felt the smell of the smoke of it when lighted and, all of sudden, was flying (briefly) under the influence. Don´t know if the "extra weight" was litterally or a way of speaking. But, from the last part of the piece, certainly it was the latter.