Dilma vs. Gisele: The War over Brazilian Womanhood

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Notícia mais lida [MOST READ] na revista TIME desde o dia 12/10/11 e nos blogs do mundo:

Dilma vs. Gisele: The War over Brazilian Womanhood

It's hardly surprising that Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first female President, has placed women in some of her government's highest positions. But replacing leathery male dinosaurs may have been the easy part. Rousseff's latest opponent is one whom many would have expected to be on her side: Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.
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"Brazilian women don't need TV ads to tell them how to use their erotic capital"
Do women from other countries need?

"there are grimmer realities behind the national ideal of bronze thong-bikini-wearing lovelies like the Girl from Ipanema. "
Oh. Really?

"the Rousseff administration shouldn't be wasting its time fighting battles about TV ads and that viewers can decide for themselves by switching off and choosing not to buy the product"
that says it all...
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