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Artigo publicado ontem no site da BBC sobre os "fiscais da gramática".

Steve Pinker writes:

"Who are these writers? You might think I’m referring to Twittering teenagers or Facebooking freshmen. But the writers I have in mind are the purists –also known as sticklers, pedants, peevers, snobs, snoots, nit-pickers, traditionalists, language police, usage nannies, grammar Nazis and the Gotcha! Gang. In their zeal to purify usage and safeguard the language, they have made it difficult to think clearly about felicity in expression and have muddied the task of explaining the art of writing. " ... ammar-nazi
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Funny thing, because when the BBC Board existed (the Communicate and the ASK A QUESTION), there were the native English Beebies that stung the most, he he. Of course, let´s not generalize, there were some guys that had some tact.
But sometimes, the usage of an American expression, slang, etc, would invite some "flaring" of sort.

The Beebie´s article is a good one, because it also points out that correct usage is well-worth pursuing, just that "one have to keep it in perspective. It´s all about people being in the know, but without being snob and pedant.

I would say that is the counterpart (article) of the following one, sort of... ... ing-better

And it reaches a similar conclusion:

Find someone who is well read, tactful, honest, and knowledgeable about writing. If you can find a critic who possesses all these traits, then you have overcome the first hurdle, because such persons are not easy to find.

That is, different approaches, but get to a similar p.o.v.

Also a Jolly good reading, on the comedy side; this link that Marcio shared with us.

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and readings with us.

By the way, right now, I am thinking of the writen English, the spoken is way more flexible in a number of ways. But aware that it has its surprises as well!

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Steven Pinker is a great author. A little eccentric and controversial, but interesting nonetheless!

I highly suggest his book "The Language Instinct". VERY informative! Get the audiobook version if you can.