Exercício: Present continuous tense

Marcella Chaves
1-The only sentence that isn't in the Presente continuou tense is:

(A)She is learning English now

(B)The teacher is excited now

(C)You are going to the church

2-All the verbs are in the gerund except:

(A)going (B)making. (C)studies


3-The adequate verb to complete this sentence is:

Jack and his mother-
the relatives at the moment

(A) Are going
(B) Are enjoying
(C) Are visiting
(D) Are doping

4-What incorrect sentence in the Presente continuous in the interrogative form

(A) Is she goes to the school?
(B) Is she going to the seach?
(C) Are you going to the Museum?
(D) Are they going to the supermarket?

5-The Present continuous is formed by:

(A)Verb be in the past the main verb in the gerund
(B)Verb be in the present the main verb in the gerund
(C)Verb do/does + main verb
(D)Verb did +base form
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