Exercício: texto (fácil) para treinar a leitura do inglês

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1. Read the text below. Leia o texto abaixo.

Where do we come from and where are we going?

That is the kind of question that everyone asks, but that no one is 100% sure about their answer. Here are some of the possibilites.

Some believe we come from the hands of God - Heaven - and we will go back there and stay there enternally once we die – if we are fair, kind, honest, charitable, and so on. If we are bad, unfair, dishonest, unkind, etc., we will go to hell.

Some believe we are here for a reason; we do come from the hands of God but we have to be born many times (here on Earth and in other places) until we are rid of our faults and ready to live in “Heaven”.

Some believe we are a result of the Big Bang, and we evolved from bacteria (or other microscopic forms of life) over millions of years until we became human beings. After death, we cease to exist (and become bacteria again) or maybe go to Heaven or hell.

Some people believe we come from nothing and when we die, we cease to exist. Everything here (on Earth) is a big coincidence and nothing else. Believing in life after death doesn’t make sense to them. Rather, it's crazy.

Vocabulary (para consulta durante a leitura)

Where do we come from and where are we going?: de onde viemos e para onde vamos?
Asks: pergunta
Answer: responder
No one: ninguém
Go back: voltar
Kind: tipo, gentil
Unfair: injusto
Unkind: ruim
Once: uma vez que
Fair: justo
Charitable: caridoso
And so on: e assim por diante
Reason: razão, motivo
We do come from: nós realmente viemos de (“do” é usado para dar ênfase, neste caso).
Be born: nascer
Times: vezes
Until: até (que)
Rid of our faults: livres dos nossos defeitos
Ready: prontos
Evolved from: evoluímos a partir de
Over: através
Become, became: tornar-se, tornou-se
Human beings: seres humanos
Death: morte
Cease to exist: deixar de existir
Nothing else: nada mais
Rather, it's crazy: pelo contrário, é loucura

2. Answer: (responda)

Which of the options above is the best one? Please explain your answer.
Qual é a melhor opção acima? Por favor, explique a sua resposta.

Bons estudos.
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It's my tiredness or I'm not the only one who is thinking it's not an easy level?
I confess that my English is rusty.
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To me it seems easy, but then I am on the road for some time now...
The answers are more complex than yes-no. Since, accordding to the text, one believes that we come from the hands of God, others believe we evolved since the Big-Bang times and yet others think we came from nothing. And the same goes to other answers.
In English texts, you expect to bump into text interpretation like this, even the easiest ones (like the GED, for example.)
You talked a lot but skipped the number 2 hahahah

By the way, I'll create a post to know the phrasal verb I would like to put here.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41355 6 32 726
In fact I wasn´t answering the initial post but the ...or I'm not the only one who is thinking it's not an easy level?, and my answer would be incomplete if I had not given those examples of GED-like answers. :P
You also talked at lenght but evaded the question. :shock:
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41355 6 32 726
Wich one, yours or the initial one?
In fact, I thought about it as a training thing, as in exams. It looks you want it in personal ways.
No problem here you go:

1)Where do we come from and where are we going?
We come from the hands of God, and we are going to heavens if we believe and live by tenets, and (among other things) do good to others (mostly, not expecting anything in return).

2) Which of the options above is the best one? Please explain your answer.
As per answer # 1, being kind, just, treat others the way you want them to treat you, being humane, unselfish and non-violent (even if need to be firm sometimes).

And it could be answered in plenty of other ways.
The initial one, Bartman =P

Hum. Waiting for offical answer to see if it was what you said or it was a grammar question about. :)
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41355 6 32 726
If there is an official answer. It could well be that it meant us do some writing, picking one of those given possibilities or even bringing some more to the table. :P
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I thought it was a grammar exercise (that's why I didn't find it easy) :/