Exercício: Tradução de Texto em Inglês para o Português

Article #1 First Snow Fall
Today is November 26th. It snowed all day today. The snow is beautiful. The snow finally stopped. My sister and I are excited. My Mom doesn't like the snow. My Mom has to shovel the drive way. My sister and I get to play.
I put on my hat and mittens. My Mom puts on my scarf. My Mom zippers my jacket. My sister puts on her hat and mittens. My Mom puts on her scarf.
My Mom zippers her jacket. My sister and I go outside. We begin to make a snow man. My Mom starts to shovel the snow. My sister and I make snow angels. My sister and I throw snowballs.
It starts to snow again. We go inside for hot chocolate

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First Snowfall.

Today is November 26th, it snowed all day today, it is beautiful indeed. The snowing has finally stopped.
My sister and I are excited about it, my Mom doesn't like it, though. She has to shovel the driveway, my sister and I get to play.
I put on my hat and mittens, my Mom donned my scarf. My Mom zipped my jacket while my sister put on her hat and mittens. My Mom then put on her scarf.

(put - doesn´t have a past form, it´s irregular verb, but here it has a "past sense", that is, it´s translated into Portuguese past form.)

My Mom then zipped her jacket. (closing I guess, so it would be zipped, if opening it could be unzip).

My sister and I went outside, soon we began to make a snowman. Mommy started to shovel the snow. After a while my sister and I made snow angels. We threw snowballs (on them? At random? Pelted each other with snowballs?).

At this point(it was then/when) the snow started again. We went inside for hot chocolate.

I tried to better the punctuation as well, it had too many periods (in fact, short sentences with periods, making the reader "stop and go" doing a "hiccups" reading).

I assumed that all events happened in the past, so after the information that "the snowing has finally stopped" I adjusted the story accordingly.