How long can you survive without the Internet?

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In my day by day, i access the internet at least four times during the day, now of course i kept my self for one week in the small jungle fishing, without laptop, or notebook, then i didn't miss it, mabe, cause, i was relaxing, doing a different thing, i don't know.
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I think I could live even better without internet ;
I just need friends, a girlfriend, music and a drums to live happy forever ;
1 day .
i use every day the internet because is a rich for to research
I'm addicted to internet..I usually use the internet 8 hours a day..
I think at most 2 weeks.
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Let me see, I guess being able to survive without the Internet for two days, it would be a sacrifice to me, not because I love it in such a way that it's impossible to live without it, but due to the fact that I need it to be in contact with my friends and things from college.

Sometimes I feel unconfortable about the Internet, since it takes us a lot of time, when we should do other things. Sometimes I want to cancel my account on Facebook and so further, but these are necessary in order to keep up our relationships and social commitments.

See you folks!
One or two months, but without one pc one week or less, 'cause I'm starting work with internet, for me live without a pc it's very hard
The question is not "how long can you survive without the internet?", but "how long can world survive without the internet?".

Somethings we can do by internet:
- Pay your bills;
- Buy your airline ticket;
- Buy your products on;
- Study english;
- Check the traffic flow;
- Check the agenda of your favorite pubs;
- tell everybody what your product supplier is doing;
- Talk to friends in EE

Of course the world would not end if internet finishes, but like could much more dificult.


Carlos Eduardo
Well i could survive without the internet but it wouldn't be the same thing, since I need it for my studies and to talk to friends and family that live in other cities/countries. Also the internet makes our lives alot easier nowadays...
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can't live know, kinda bothers me if I forsake internet. I really must to deal with it.