Is that a good decision?

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Hey guys...
It's been a long time since my last post here, I've been checking the forum every single day, though.
Well, let's get to the point. I've been improving my English a lot by watching series, I like to repeat each episode at least 5 times until all the new words get fixed deep into my mind. It's a very deep method and it does work but it's kinda boring. I'm going to change my way to learn through series, I will watch each episode just once since I can understand 80% or so, with subs on. I can get the meaning of lots of words without looking up in a dictionary so this way I'll enjoy my favorites series while learning kinda 'unconsciously'.

What are your opinions on that, guys?

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Avatar do usuário Marcos 3355 4 17 72
Hello, Marcelo.

Mesmo com as legendas em inglês, eu assistiria pelo menos duas vezes, pois o cérebro retem melhor as informações que vemos mais de uma vez, ou seja a repetição. Para não ficar enjoativo você poderia assistir de dois em dois episódios, ou até três.

Assim na primeira vez, você assiste sem se preocupar e já na segunda vez assistiria com um olhar mais analítico, assim anotando palavras, estruturas e expressões desconhecidas.

Anyway, I agree with you. When a method isn't working it is better to change it; you've done a clever choice.

See ya!
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Se vai assistir a séries com legendas, sugiro que, se possível, o faça com legendas em inglês. ;)
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Acho que você está certo, Marcelo. Eu mesmo usei um pouco desse método com filmes. Eu pegava cenas de filmes onde havia um diálogo que eu gostava muito e a repetia por várias vezes, até que eu entendia todas as palavras ditas, mesmo sem as legendas em inglês ligadas (na verdade, eu decorava todas as falas e as dizia ao mesmo tempo que os personagens). Não fiz muito disso mas o pouco que fiz foi legal.

Não sei que séries você assiste mas existem algumas com centenas de episódios. Ao invés de repetir 5 vezes um episódio, acho que você pode assistir 5 episódios seguidos, com legendas em inglês, e vai ter o mesmo efeito. Assistir séries em mutirão é muito bom pra desenvolvimento do listening e do reading.
Avatar do usuário Marcelo Pias 640 1 2 14
Thank you guys. I really appreciate your help.
Other opinions are welcome!
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42115 6 33 741
Yeah, at this juncture seems like the sensible thing to do.
It´s the equivalent of the "law" of studying, say thirty minutes every day (for a month) vs studying four hours times four (days). Or being more extreme here, studying eight hours for two days in a row.
The study time total of the first one would make fifteen hours, but would be more effective.

Of course, my example is an stretch, it´s just to make the point.

Moreover, computers and machines were made to to automate repetitive tasks, not students. When you watch a clip, a video, a film, time and again, chances are that you get stuck in a rut (more so, if you don´t rest in between watching sessions).
What happens next? you may soon lose your attention to details and focus, you watch but you don´t see it.

Yes, add variety, variety is the spice of life.

This is just one part of the whole, I am not dealing with everything that makes a student succesful (for example, a good teacher/tutor could make wonders to someone´s learning.)
So, I am just offering opinion on the object of your present question. ;)
Hope it somehow helps.
Judging by the way you write I must ask: why are you using subtitles? Subs are good, but if you're getting 80%+ with subs, just go without subs, your "feeling" of the language will just improve 10 times faster. Maybe you want to learn vocab, I don't know, but in this case I would just read literature or something similar.
I have never watched 5 times a episode of any series to understand what they are saying. I usually watch once and then I watch the next one trying to understand what they are talking about. I think from the moment you get used to the actors' accent, you can understand what's happening in a easier way
Avatar do usuário Marcelo Pias 640 1 2 14
Thank you guys.
Well, I totally agree that it is a vocabulary issue!
I'll keep listening and learning new words every day. I'm sure I will be great in no time !
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42115 6 33 741
You betcha! you are, and you are improving by the day.
Speaking of improvement, congrats on your very appropriate use of "in no time"!