"One day after the other" or "One day after another"?

Olá! Eu estou confusa em relação a estas frases: "One day after the other" e "One day after another"?

Qual das duas é o correto para se referir a "um dia após o outro"?
Ouvi um amigo falando one day after the other e não sei qual a correta.


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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
É correto dizer "one after the other" e também "one after another". Teríamos então "one day after the other" e "one day after another".

No entanto, em relação a dias, recomendo usar "day after day" ou ainda "day by day".

Happy studying!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
It reminds me of the English "it too shall pass" either the good times or bad ones.
Except that the Brazilian proverb "um dia atrás do outro" (when used as a saying, kind of) would be more like "hard times may come and go" and tables do turn (so when they have turned, it can be funny like the taste of your own medicine may get you sick). :-) This is akin to the "vengeance is a dish best served cold". Not my philosophy, but it's said around the country.
In English such reminder can also be stated with "...one thing about tables - they always turn."

It reminds slightly that "what is good to the goose is good to the gander." (if there was an equivalence it would be "what happens to the goose can happen to the gander).