Como dizer "Aconteceu no último minuto" em inglês

"It happened at the last minute" tá certo?
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Sim. Está correto.
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Yes. And could be also:
At the eleventh hour...
The doctor turned up at the eleventh hour and saved the life of his son.

In the nick of time...
The gift (a dog) was received with great joy and soon the dog got used to her new masters. Already during that summer she did some notable ascents with her companions, like Blümlisalphorn 3670 m., Nesthorn 3820 m. And Aletschorn 4182 m. Tschingel’s first great climb, the Blümlisalphorn, was nearly her last. “She was very tired,” records Coolidge, “and her paws were cut by the ice. On the final slope she slipped, being still an inexperienced climber, and began to slide down the snow slopes, but was luckily rescued by one of our porters, who caught hold of her collar in the nick of time”. ... eam/932403

Slangy way, of course. It could be used equivalent expressions like:
just in time, not a moment too soon, at the critical moment, at the last second...