Como dizer "Carro exclusivo para mulheres" em inglês

Avatar do usuário victorfgv 65 1
Vi no metrô do Rio " Women exclusive car" e embaixo "Carro exclusivo para mulheres". O tal vagão feminino em horários de pico.

Não poderia ser "Exclusive car for woman" ou "Women exclusive car's"?
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Avatar do usuário victorfgv 65 1
Obrigado pela resposta.

Mas e como está escrito no metrô e como eu sugeri?
Avatar do usuário victorfgv 65 1
O que me dizem sobre o que está escrito no metrô?

A forma que eu sugeri não é válida?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 44535 6 34 784
Victor, there is something that we think and express [1] and what they speak in natural English.

So, it´s way more natural to say "women-only passenger car" or "women only carriages" (in speaking English - if you are elaborating about it).
But as they like to keep it short (and simple) in English you can see the train cars with signs with "women only" (you can try Google image to see some of them).

[1] even if they understand. They might see what you meant, but they will know that you are not fluent enough in the language, or you are a beggining ESL student. Or it might not matter at all, because you are a tourist spending some money.
Anyway you won´t change their language to fit yours, at that moment the a native will think to himself that you are "tripping over their language". And worse, sometimes you will misunderstand, because you are not used to a more natural way of speaking.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 44535 6 34 784
Of course, there´s some leeway for language, so it can change from place to place: in India there´s a "for ladies only" car. (meaning train car).