Como dizer "estacionar o carro" em inglês

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Opções: to park, to pull up ou to pull off

Example: I pulled off into a parking lot. [ Deixei o carro em um estacionamento. ]

Cf. Como "tirar o carro da garagem" em inglês.
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I agree with "to park", but the meanings of "to pull up" and "to pull off" are slightly different from "to park".
pull up
1. To bring or come to a halt.
2. To move to a position or place ahead, as in a race.
1. Oxford:
pull off - (of a vehicle or its driver) to leave the road in order to stop for a short time
2. Cambridge:
Pull off
- If a vehicle pulls off, it starts moving (The car pulled off and speed up the road.)

To illustrate, in the example "I pulled off into a parking lot", we cannot interchange "pulled off" and "parked". "I parked into a parking lot"? No, not possible. The driver left the road (pulled off) and entered the parking lot. What did he do in the parking lot? We don't know. Maybe he stopped for a moment, maybe he parked the car and got out.

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Thank you for your rich explanation Thomas!
That's why I say: we can be real fluent in a foreign language only living in that country and getting immersed in that culture.
It's kinda magic when after just a couple of days your tongue just "rolls off" and you start babbling without even thinking about grammar, etc..
But the best you can take from the experience abroad is to distinguish the plethora of words with similar meanings but different uses..
It's like the look, seek, search words.
Moviestoo can help in your jorney, because no matter how much you've studied that word, you run the risk of running into it again and having to look up at the dictionary... :? BUT, if you've heard even once in a movie line, it kinda miraculously gets stuck in your head.

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And it's very strange how we learn a new word and suddenly we start hearing it in conversations. Surely we have heard it before but lacked the initiative to learn the meaning.

Be aware that to pull up, to pull off, and to pull over have other meanings. For example:


To lift (He pulled up his shirt so the doctor could see the injury.)
To fly upward (The pilot pulled up the plane to avoid hitting the cable.)

To accomplish (The robbers pulled off another bank robbery this morning.)
To remove (Please pull off your shoes and get comfortable.)

To put on an article of clothing (He pulled the sweater over his head.)

Eigo-wa sukoshi muzukashii, ne?

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sukoshi? :mrgreen:
a little?

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Aproveitando esse tópico, a expressão "pull into" também quer dizer estacionar o carro?
Vou dar duas frases como exemplo: "Why don't you pull into that gas station and ask for directions?" e "On all the main highways there are lots of places where drivers can pull into for a rest or a meal."

Thanks in advance.

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Sim, praticamente isso. "Pull into" é quando você vai com um veículo até um local e para lá. Veja o que diz o Cambridge: If a vehicle pulls in or pulls into somewhere, it moves in that direction and stops there.

Ex.: I pulled into the empty parking space. [Eu fui para(estacionei) no espaço vazio.]

Observe que os usos de "pull into" podem ser diferentes de "park"(estacionar).

I urderstood! Thank you...

Just to make it clear:

Park can be used when you mean that you left the car in the street, besides the sidewalk. Am I right?

Pull off is just another way to express that? Or pull off means that you parked but just for a short period of time?

And pull up don't appllies for any of these cases?

Lastly, I didn't understand when and what do I need to use when I want to express that I was on the road, or a street, and I lef in order to park the car and buy some stuffs.

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