Como dizer "Mandar brasa nos meus estudos" em inglês

Simon Vasconcelos 4365 7 85
To shoot works on my studying

After that awful mark in Engilsh, I'm going to shoot works on my studying.
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PPAULO 57845 6 43 1030
Yeah, there is this sense in the given context, and there is another meaning as well.
I thought you guys would like to know.

Shoot the works US informal

To use all your money or make the greatest effort you can
I emptied my bank account and shot the works on a trip to Mauritius.

Source: Cambridge Dict.

There is, spendeded all money on the trip (in the 2nd. Sense here)

Notice that the example Simon had given left out the article "the", you know, English can do it, they shorten or abbreviate to the bone (to the minimum).

jorgeluiz 4545 1 6 91
Temos mais simples: Hit the books.


Winnie 790 2 19
I have never heard the expression "shoot works" before. And I spend a lot of time with high school students.

Hit the books is more appropriate.

Ex. Michael! You are at risk of failing Chemistry! You need to hit the books! No more Xbox for you until your grades improve.

iamrcr 300 5
I need to buckle down on my grades.
I need to buckle down on my homework.
I need to buckle down on my coursework.
I need to buckle down on my school work.

Winnie 790 2 19
Knuckle down.

After partying all summer, Joe decided to knuckle down and focus on his studies.

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