Como dizer "tempo que não volta mais" em Inglês

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Please, como dizer "tempo que não volta mais" em Inglês?

Ex.: Já não existem mais bandas de rock and roll como nos anos 80 e 90. Pois é... tempo que não volta mais!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Felipe!

Here are some suggestions..

When we reminisce about the past with nostalgia we talk about 'The good old days!' or 'Those were the days!' These are used more for when we talk about the things from the past being much better and they are more of a generalization about life.

If you are just talking about the bands, you can say 'They don't make bands like they used to' or 'They don't make bands like that anymore.' This doesn't just apply to bands, but can be used to compare anything, such as soccer players, movies, food etc.

Another general one is 'Things ain't what they used to be!' This is more colloquial and
just says that times in the past were better.

I hope one of these works for you!