Correção de frase "Would you mind it being in"

Hi, friends! I was invited to eat out with friends. I am kind of a shy person, then I sent them an e-mail saying this:

"Would you mind it being in a simple place?"

Do you think this frase is awkward? Do people use to speak like this?
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Would you mind if we choose a less crowded place?/if we change the place of choice to a more simpler one?
Would you mind if we went out to a simpler place?

And other ways, of course. Don´t be shy about your likes and dislikes, you are responsible for your fate and well-being.
People have to respect your ways, and accept you just the way you are. Obviously there are room to adjustments, no relationship is an island. But any worthy relationship should have room to both have a say on it.
Best wishes and enjoy the going out!