Correção de texto: Happy Birthday

29 years ago, the prettiestmost sweetest girl I have ever met was born.
For seven years, this little weird girl from New York has not only shown the world her talent but also made four continents fall in love for her.

When I first met this girl I was totally captivated by her talent. And I could not imagine that in a few years, that girl would teach me so many things.

Soon I found out how that girl was special. She had the power to make a heart grow. She had the power to make a person grow up. And I grew up watching her. And she taught me many things about life and what love is about.

During those years I saw, along with a few thousand people, this girl slide out off her cocoon. She showed four continents her art.

And then I saw her fall. How could the world be so unfair, unfair to a creature in which everything was so pure? But I kept by her side. I couldn't hold her hand, but I could show my love. And I kept there.

I saw how people can be cruel.

And this arbitrary power of fate could make me a girl half skeptical, tormented through bad visions.

But I learned a lot of what love is about. I learned a lot about trust, respect and dignity.

But I also saw her learn.

People make mistakes, I know, she is not perfect. She is a human being. But now I'm atching that girl growing up. I'm watching her walking to full happiness. And it all happened so fast...

Maybe this girl won't even come to see what I'm writing now, but I want to make clear to anyone and everyone how I love and respect her. I'm here, I never left. And I never will.

Stefani, that's how I love you, and I love you regardless.
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the prettiest AND sweetest girl;
THE four continents;
a heart GROWS...a person GROWS up;
SLIDES out OF her cocoon. She showed HER ART TO THE four continents;
I kept MYSELF by her side;
FATE arbitrary power....HALF SKEPTICAL GIRL WHO IS tormented through bad visions;
I'm watching her LEADING to full happiness. And it HAS BEEN HAPPENING so fast;
TO everyone how MUCH I love and respect her;
Stefani, that's how I love you AND YOUR KIND-HEARTED PERSONALITY.

* Eu consideraria os 6 continentes.

Um salve!
Avatar do usuário Redseahorse 8610 1 13 159
* Stefani, that´s how I love you, and I love you regardless OF WHAT????