Correção de texto: Windy

Today I got out of bed half-asleep and maybe that's why I spent some minutes trying to wake up from my nightmares. The ghosts who inhabit my fault threw a party and the brush-strokes of liveliness started to fade and almost vanished, in the same way I saw the sun rays hide among heavy clouds that I could see through the window.
The weather outside looked like a dynamic portrait of what was going on in my heart. Suddenly, a cheeky speck crossed through the crack of the window and landed on my eye ... that made me wish something for you. No, I do not wish a daring speck or tears running out of your eyes or heart.
For you, my friend, I wish winds, a lot of winds ... with different types and intensities. soft breezes, that look like hugs for you always remember how special you are.
Unsuspecting winds, those that arrive always causing trouble, raising dust and dresses, causing laughter ... These things serve to remind us that life is a big surprise. Cold winds, to make you rush out and jump in to the warm arms of love.
Fresh winds, those who bring relief, that seem to blow melodies in the ear, that make people want to dance to the same tune. Also, I desire strong winds, very strong, to blow your wings, taking you each time higher ... I wish the winds of life never let you doubt about your potential for making others fly.
And even not running on the same route, we will always see the same sky.
And that comes the winds!
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Breathtaking text... loved it!

couldn´t pinpoint any meaningful mistake on this.

started to fade and almost VANISH,
taking you HIGHER < EACH TIME.
Thank you!
These are words from my heart.