Estudo há 5 meses e estou desanimado. O que faço?

Pessoal. Acredito que estou no nível Pré intermédario/ Intermediário. Consigo falar algumas coisas e também entender alguns diálogos. Não sei ao certo meu nível, mas, tô me sentindo muito desanimado. Parece cada vez mais difícil. Estudo há 5 meses. Alguém já passou por isso ?

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Some strategies may help you:

Make breaks (pauses) then resumption of your studies, remember when you were at school (50 minutes classes, then 10 minutes breaks).
Find topics, reading of your interest.
But don´t forgo the studying of grammar from time to time.
Keep your focus, even if you have to go out to do something else you should come back to English later, or other day. Just don´t let your brain "gathering dust" for much time.
Put your learned knowledge to work, practice makes perfect, use whatever English you have learned. It might be little, but it counts more than get waiting for the day you think it is perfect!
Use active learning, when possible study with a group or another learner, etc. If you can´t, use whenever you can (you show up here and try to make an essay or practice your listening, etc).
Don´t compare yourself to other learners, compare to yourself weeks, months or years ago. You will see the difference!
Try to access good English, I mean, good books, sites, teachers, videos, what you have.
If possible, transfer information (pass knowledge on to other learners) and help a fellow learner whenever and wherever possible, we learn by teaching as well.
Become involved, the more you get engaged with the learning the more you achieve, e.g. Don´t just wait for your teacher/tutor to assign homework for you, try to find some past exams, tests, etc. Questions come from engagement, reading, getting informed...
One important thing, learn by your mistakes, when you see one take notice and try not to repeat it (but mistakes will come up sometime, it´s not the end of the world, just don´t get in the habit of thinking it´s perfectly normal to make them over and over again.
Try to be inquisitive, try to make Wh- questions, enhance your critical and creative thinking. Build up your vocab, if you do that, you will be more accurate when expressing yourself.
Challenge yourself to write (or think aloud if you are alone at home) about a book, make a review of a movie that you have just watched, step out of your comfort zone.
Try to read literature in English (most of the time).
Don´t go into overload, though. Keep the balance, read your body signs.
Don´t procrastinate as well, keep a schedule and -if possible - study at a given time of the day.
If you have other interests or subjects, when you get tired you can switch to them, go out or listen some music, to place a telephone call to someone else, etc.
Be aware that you are not alone, many others students crossed that bridge as well, I include myself here, it´s a make or break point. I am certain that most students go ahead, just slow things a bit.
Keep a positive thinking.
Think of the pros of learning English, that helps.

There are thousands of other strategies, you even can find some at the EE, try for example to search with some key words like "learning plateau"/"learning English" and others.