Exercício: Função dos Verbos Modais em Inglês

Indique o uso ou função dos verbos (modal verbs) abaixo.

Associate the columns

1. He can play the guitar.
2. You have to brush your teeth 3 times a day.
3. He could ride a bicycle at the age of 6.
4. May I use the restroom, please?
5. It's a sunny day, but it might rain in the afternoon.
6. You should study more if you want to pass the exam.
7. You must not smoke here. It's not permitted.
8. Shall we go to the movies?
9. I am supposed to water the plants every day.
10. They used to live in Chicago, but today they live in LA.
11. He has to get up at 4 am every day, but it's ok. He is used to it.

(10) Habit in the past
(9) Responsibility
(5 ) Expectation
(11 ) Accustomed
(4 ) Permission
(2 ) Ability in the past
(7 ) Prohibition
(8 ) Suggestion
(1 ) Ability
(3 ) Probability
(6 ) Advice / counsel
(2 ) Obligation

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