Fits the best x Best fits: Qual a diferença

Sempre tive essa dúvida e procurei muito aqui no fórum, mas não achei nenhum post que sanava essa minha dúvida

"This shirt is the one that fits the best in me." ou "This shirt is the one that best fits in me."? Se ambas estiverem certas, qual é a diferença entre elas? E se só uma delas for a certa, por que a outra é a errada? Agradeço desde já a atenção.

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This shirt fits me the best.

Someone that best fits would suggest "to someone or someone else" as in:
This dress best fits a petite size 6 or size 4. I am 5 feet 3". (any petite size 6 or size 4, certainly not me, in this case). Could be also an advice as well to someone else.
Marked as a "formal" size 14, this dress best fits a medium (6-8, maybe 10).

In other words:
Fits me the best - é melhor pra mim, dá certo/melhor em mim.
Best fits...- dá certo em/dá certo para...

Best fits...- generally will come with something more, one will elaborate some more. Whereas with "fits me" is a more short expression, you soon know what it means (X fits me - the shoes fits me/the shirt fits me...etc).
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E nesse caso?

"Esse é uma das regiões do planeta que mais sofrem com esse tipo de ocorrência."

"This is one of the regions of the planet that most suffers from this type of occurrence."

"This is one of the regions of the planet that suffers the most from this type of occurrence."
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Both could be used. I think "that suffers the most..." has a ring of informal and less academic. Hence, found more times, way more than "that most suffers".

Examples of sentences with them, and with similar structure (albeit with other words):

Why You Should Be The One Who Loves The Most.
The Girl That Smiles the Most, Suffers The Most.

The sector that most suffers from unemployment is young people.

There are many cases of reduction of the useful life of equipments in several Industrial sectors due to corrosion, and the petrol one is one of those that most suffers from this problem.

Universities in many cultures and times have had "golden ages"; the most recent throughout the Western World lasted from the end of World War II to about 1970. Now the prevailing mood is one of pessimism: the golden age is over. In fact, however, universal access postsecondary education is healthy and continuing to grow in most nations; mass access higher education is generally static; and it is the elite sector of higher education that most suffers a decline in prestige, in faculty morale, in rate of growth of enrollments and financing, in independence, and in other ways.