Have been working x Have been worked

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what is de difference between the sentences I Have been working here for 2 years and I Have been worked here for 2 years?

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The main difference I know of, is that the first one is the right one.

I have been working... (I worked in some indefined time in the past, but I know for certain it has been at least for two years - and I already work as of now)

I have worked... - certainly I don´t work any more, it´s a thing of the past.
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Most NSEs (native speakers of English) would think of the sentence "I have been worked here for two years" as grammatically incorrect.
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Concordo. Sempre usar "I have been + verbo + ing.''

I have been working, playing, helping, etc.

Nunca "I have been worked...''
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"I have been + verb + ed" works with the passive voice.
https://www.englishexperts.com.br/1 ... no-ingles/

For example:
"I have been asked if I was pregnant" is the passive form of "People have asked me if I was pregnant".

It also works if the "ed" verb acts as an adjective, like "worked up", meaning "excessively affected by emotion".

For example:
I have been worked up and unable to calm down enough to sleep lately.