In your opinion, what's the most honorable profession?

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Question: In your opinion, what's the most honorable profession?

Examples of answers:

- Doctors, undoubtedly, because they save lives;
- Teachers, because education is essential for the society as a whole, and it is very gratifying to help others by sharing knowledge;
- Firefighters, because they not only save lives but also risk their own to do that.

Now it's your turn!
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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
All bar none.

Even homeless kids, panhandlers and hobos play a role in society. Without them the country would have no need for social workers.
Avatar do usuário Logan18 30
Certainly, firefighters, teachers and doctors deserve our full respect.
Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
In my humble opinion, the very special doctors and nurses who donate their time, and money to help poor people in third world countries, have the most honorable of professions. The most famous of this special group of medical professionals is Doctors Without Borders, they work to satisfy their oaths as Doctors and out of their love for mankind.
I would also include in this group the many Missionary Doctors and Nurses, who one never hears about but work without pay, or fame, often in the back waters of civilization such as the remote areas of the Amazon, and Pantanal.
Well, I think that psychologists are the most understandable people in this world. Because.. just stop and stare: you can count on with them at anytime, even it's just possible with marked hour.. but it is a detail. They are so talkative, so cool, and patient... like, they are like your mom can't be, like.. any of your friends can't be, I mean.. they know what to do when you're needing a rescue! I guess.
There are a lot of honorable professions, but I think the two most honorable professions are: teacher and doctor (medicine).

The teacher form the persons of the future, they teach you, they give you the necessary education to move on, to make your dream real, to find a job and be the best employee, and I think they must be more respected.

The doctor, of course, heals persons, they save people, they're like Gods, the doctor brings the life back, they extend the people's life, which can give you more time and opportunity to correct your mistakes you did in your whole life, more time to realize your dreams and forgive the person you hurt.

I think all these must be respected.
Avatar do usuário Vitor Ferreira 30 1
I think the most honorable profession is the one of teacher, because he passes his knowledges to us, gives us education and teaches us how to behave ourselves in many situations. What will be of a firefighter, a doctor and others professionals if they won't learn from a teacher?
Unfortunately, in this capitalist country - Brazil - the teacher isn't a such (or such a)valorized professional. I'm still thinking of being one of English and Grammar but I'm not sure that because of the little salary, mainly in this present world. It's better to do what we like to, I know, but I don't want to be unhappy. Not that teachers are unhappy because of the salary, but I don't want to live my life by complaining to my salary. I also know I can be a successful teacher owing to the dedication I do things.
I'm still undecided concerning to what to do in the future, but I'll make the right choice, God willing.
Avatar do usuário claudemircloud 125 1
In my humble opinion the most honorable profission is to teach due to they are the responsable for knownledge of everybody. I used to learn a lot of things on interweb but most people which use to put or just writing anything on interweb don't know or consider theirselves teachers that in truth they are. So, doctors, nurses, scientists, fireman, politician and so on are or will be one due to there are people to teach or write books(which are teachers) or have anything to say you which you will get knowing. With few words the teachers are the secreats of world development.
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In my humble opinion, there's no such thing as a "most honorable" profession. I believe all professions are absolutely necessary for the society to function effectively. But, if I had to choose one, I'd say teachers are the most honorable people in a community. Without them, there wouldn't be any other kind of professional. Yet, as I said before, we cannot affirm there is a profession which is more important than the others. It's impossible to imagine a society without doctors, or engineers, or lawyers, or pharmacists, or dentists etc.