Miss speaking and missing speak

Hi guys!

Miss speaking and missing speak.

I would like to know is both ways are correct or just one.

I appreciate your help.

Kindest Regards,

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Miss speaking and missing speak.

Miss speaking...without a preposition or other word it doesn´t say much, one could think you refer to a girl "Miss Speaking" (meaning you refer, maybe jestingly or in a derogatory way, to a chatty girl).

Now with a subject, with and without a preposition:
I miss speaking to you.
I miss speaking my own language everyday.
I miss speaking in Portuguese.
I am not fluent in English, but I miss speaking it.
I miss speaking the same language as those around me...

You can´t say "missing speak", in Portuguese "eu estou sentindo saudade/falta" is a normal way of saying that, but in English it´s not the case. It´s called a non-continuous, static or non-progressive verb in English (so they don´t use it normally in the ING form, in that language.)
Often verbs that are about states of mind (in this case - emotion verbs - the likes of "like/love/envy/fear" etc...)