The Ultimatum is near

The Ultimatum is near

When we are optimistic and think about future, we invariably
become dazzled by the technological marvels that the world has
offered, surprising us with facilities never before
imagined, like those that is a sight for sore eyes, letting us
anesthetized with the fiction becoming reality. Otherwise, when we become
realistic, what, to some extent , these facilities are healthy in the sense that
the technology of tomorrow will bring as a result loneliness,
individualism and unfortunately, the feeling of living in a world on the brink of
a collapse?

It is undeniable that the information travelling in extreme speeds
becomes closer, but that closeness is relative. Or rather, this
proximity is virtual. We have been living in the cloistered comfort of a chair,
separated by glass screens, sharing our lives and the most
intimate affairs with people you have just met. Today and especially
tomorrow, there will be no more time to mature, no matter which a friendship, or
our own being. Everything is and will be prefabricated, condensed and instantaneous.
Everything will be artificial tomorrow, including our "natural" resources. What a

Okay, okay. You could say that technology can save lives. It's
truth. However, if we make a exhausted study , we will discover that
despite all the technology in our favor, our behavior is
increasingly destructive. . The ability that technology has in
saving lifes is negligible in view of our eagerness to end ourselves. We are
the only species that destroys ourselves without any plausible reason as well that destroys its own environment.

The world with all its technology, have been watching from the sidelines the devastation in Japan. The world with all its technology, have been watching from the sidelines the death of more than 5,000 people in the most disasters-prepared country of the
world. The world with all its technology, could do nothing with the
atomic monsters at Fukushima which is ready to spread its death blow.
In front of this, what can the little man do against the fury of nature?

Japan was a pushover lesson for our arrogance. Have we evolved?
really? The truth is that man will face an ultimatum soon.
All clocks are counting down to something that will determine
our sojourn on earth.

I hope it won't be painful.
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